The Biologique Recherche method is based on over 35 years of experience in using innovative products and precision.
The products are formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients extracted from natural or biotechnological compounds without added fragrances.
The cosmetic procedure is always preceded by a personalized skin diagnosis (suitable for both men and women), which provides a unique skin condition analysis for each client.

“The artist follows his inspiration, and the colors he chooses give life to his work. The researcher finds reward and satisfaction in achieving his goal.

Let the quintessence of my years, filled with passion, hard work, and research, serve as a token of honor to the beauty that you personify! “,

– Ivan Alush – creator of Biologique Recherche

Price list:


The first step in the Biologique Recherche method, this unique analysis allows you to determine your skin condition.

  • 30 min. – 69 BGN.

Balancing procedure for oxygen saturation of the epidermis and relaxation of facial features, which makes the skin radiant and healthy.

  • 60 min. – 169 BGN.

Moisturizing procedure that lightens and tones the complexion and refreshes the skin.

  • 45 min. – 99 BGN.

Exfoliating and lifting procedure that combines toning and shaping techniques. Sculpting the contour and tightening the oval of the face.

  • 60 min. – 149 BGN.

Instant recovery and lifting procedure for sensitive skin or conditions associated with scars. Your skin is hydrated, smooth and toned.

  • 60 min. – 149 BGN.

Procedure for the recovery of particularly sensitive and damaged skin conditions. Your skin is relaxed and protected.

  • 60 min. – 149 BGN.

A therapeutic cycle of 5 × 30 min.

  • Procedures – 400 BGN.

A sebum-adjusting procedure that cleans and tightens the pores of the skin. For even, matte and fresh tan.

  • 60 min – 79 BGN.

The procedure is designed to care for demanding skins. Thanks to the regenerating properties of the caviar, your skin is smooth and tight.

  • 60 min – 189 BGN.

A toning procedure for preventing and reducing dark spots. Illuminates your tan. Recommended course of 3 therapies for 1 month – 348 BGN.

  • 60 min – 129 BGN.

A procedure for skin, deprived of tone, normal and wrinkled. The uneven micro-profile of the epidermis is flattened and the shape of your face is remodeled. Your skin looks smoother, cleaner and younger.

  • 60 min – 129 BGN.

A procedure that activates exfoliation and the modeling fluids. Its effectiveness is optimized by the cold. This is a perfect for the regeneration and the recovery of the epidermis.

  • 90 min – 249 BGN.

A procedure specifically designed for tired and / or wrinkled skin with immediate and lasting firming effect. Thanks to the use of marine elements, minerals and Remodeling Face® the deep wrinkles get smooth, the shape of the face is tight and the skin is toned.

  • 90 min – 209 BGN.

An intensive procedure that helps to overcome the premature aging of the skin. The combination of an active regenerating cocktail and a mesotherapy device stimulates the intradermal production of collagen to achieve immediate, visible results. Recommended course of 3 therapies for 1 month – 780 BGN.

  • 60 min – 289 BGN.

A procedure that combines two exfoliating, rejuvenating and lifting boosters using the Remodeling Face®. A therapy for remodeling and filling the face volume.

  • 105 min – 296 BGN.

Additional modules that can be combined with your procedure:

Specific eyeball therapy (for dark circles under the eyes).

  • 30 min. – 79 BGN.

Elevated eyelids, highlighted eye shape, more pronounced cheekbones, pointed chin, less visible wrinkles – these are some of the magical effects that Remodeling Face® does. High-tech biostimulation for personalized results. Remodeling Face® combines the power of four types of current (galvanic, medium and high frequency and electroporation) for immediate and lasting results.

  • 30 min. – 89 BGN.

For even more visible results, it is possible to add a pre-shaped collagen mask adapted to your face shape for specific and intense treatment.

  • 30 min. – 109 BGN.

For even more visible results, it is possible to add a rejuvenating, strengthening and restoring mask to your face for specific and intensive treatment.

  • 30 min. – 79 BGN.

We offer a ‘Prepaid Privilege’ program that allows you to take advantage of 10 hours of procedures that you can allocate at your choice (duration and type of therapies) with a 20% discount.

After four years of research, Biologique Recherche has created a unique cosmetic program called Haute Couture, which takes place only after prior consultation and medical analysis. For more information, please contact the management team and the official representative of the Haute Couture program.

  • “MINI HAUTE COUTURE” – 2 months of individual care after diagnosis of the skin’s current condition.
  • “HAUTE COUTURE” – 6 months customized care according to your condition of the skin after medical analysis. 1st m.- Preparatory phase, 2nd m .- Phase of induction, 3-5th m .- Activation phase, 6th m.- Balancing phase, Report after new measurement.

SOIN SECONDE PEAU (Regenerating, smoothing and lifting procedure “Second skin”) Revolutionary 3D mask from nanofibres with 80% hyaluronic acid. A real alternative to injection procedures. Combined with regenerating, smoothing and lifting serum allows immediate deletion of the scars. Recommended course of 3 therapies for 1 month – 1300 BGN

  • 60 min. – 490 BGN.

Treatment for levelling of the complexion for the prevention and reduction of dark spots. It illuminates and brightens your complexion.

  • 30 min. – 109 BGN.


Released from the dead cells and dirt, your skin is shiny, soft, even and toned.

  • 60 min. – 99 BGN.

A toning procedure specially designed for bust and shoulders.

  • 45 min. – 99 BGN.

Moisturizing bioreflex massage, ideal for weight loss programs, toning, dead body cells removal and sculpting of the body.

  • 95 min. – 269 BGN.

Unique procedure for restoring and harmonizing the silhouette of a toned, smoother and firmer skin. The combination of an energizing massage with a thermal seaweed mask detoxifies your epidermis.

  • 90 min. – 169 BGN.

A procedure that improves skin tightness and microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins and retained fluids. The effectiveness of the therapy is multiplied by the use of a weight loss booster. We recommend a therapeutic cycle of 6 procedures for 2 months – 999 BGN.

  • 90 min. – 189 BGN.
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